check this artist: Barkley L. Hendricks


First of all big ups to Google Reader because without it I would have never found out about this artist. I was reading John Keene’s blog J’s Theater and the a painting in his post caught my attention because it looked like a Kehinde Wiley ( I won’t link him, there is plenty of info out there about himyou can find it) , but it was actually a portrait done by Barkley L. Hendricks check out more of his work here . The similarities are pretty striking… check out the Fela portrait here to see how striking the similarities are; I like how keene put it on his blog. He said that “His (Hendricks) DNA is all up in Wiley’s and others’ work. ” Apparentely, The Studio Musuem after (w)rapping the Kehinde Wiley show put up Barkley L. Hendricks show and it will be up through March 15, 2009, get more info here

Big ups all the way around to Google Reader, John Keene for posting to J’s Theater, Sarah Ball for her article Battle of the Brushes of Urban Portraiture or Urban Outfitters , and the curators at the The Studio Museum of Harlem for their research in finding and showing Barkley L Hendricks.

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One thought on “check this artist: Barkley L. Hendricks

  1. Barkley’s a fantastic painter, and was one of my professors in college. Hendricks has been doing it since Wiley was in diapers! Glad to see the guy finally getting some well-deserved credit.

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