around my way: Good art for a good cause

More good art for a good cause here in the Anacostia Arts District! read below:

Stories and Migrations: Concurrent Exhibitions Raise Awareness and Funds Photography by  Antoine Sanfuentes and Ann Curry of NBC and Deborah Terry of International Lifeline Fund.

Friday January 22nd at 7pm marks the opening at Honfleur Gallery of
Stories, an exhibit of photographic stories created by three artists to
help raise awareness and funds for relief efforts in  African nations.
Stories features documentary photography created by Antoine Sanfuentes in
a 2008 visit to East Goma with NBC’s Ann Curry covering topics such as
children soldiers of Africa, education and rape.  Works by Ann Curry will
be presented from the same trip, alongside Deborah Terry’s images of
Sudanese and Ugandan refugees and conflict victims as well as multimedia
presentations of the grassroots work done by International Lifeline Fund.
Proceeds from this exhibition and the opening night fundraiser will go to
support International Lifeline Fund.

Concurrently, Terry will be exhibiting at The Gallery at Vivid Solutions,
also in Historic Anacostia, with a solo exhibition entitled Migrations,
illuminating the lives of two disparate groups at odds in the Darfur
conflict;  nomadic herders known as Janjaweed, and the refugees displaced
by them.

About the Artists:
Antoine Sanfuentes is an Emmy award wining producer and the Deputy Bureau Chief for NBC news in Washington, DC.  He has traveled extensively with Today show’s Ann Curry in Africa, several times to Darfur.  In February
2008, Sanfuentes and Curry traveled to war-torn Eastern Congo to report on
the situation there. Over the course of a week in and around Goma, Congo
the team covered the atrocities and the perpetrators of a conflict that
has claimed more lives than in World War II.  Sanfuentes’ pictures
document that journey including a visit to a so called “rape hospital”
where entire wards are dedicated to survivors of brutal rapes. An
interview with Rebel commander General Nkunda who now sits in a jail cell
in Rwanda for crimes his forces committed against the Congolese and
finally, the youngest casualties of this conflict, the children. The team
visited UNICEF’s secluded child soldier rehabilitation center.

Deborah Terry is the Vice President and Creative Director of International
Lifeline Fund, based in Washington DC. In 2005, she helped found ILF with
her partner Daniel Wolf in memory of his father, the late Professor George
Wolff.  Rising from humble beginnings in Washington DC, Terry started
shooting photography in the late 1980’s. She moved to New York to pursue a
career in fashion photography. From fashion, she expanded her creative
ability to music photography, working for various records labels in NYC.
More recently she has turned to a more personally fulfilling undertaking,
focusing on the challenge of uncovering the desperate plight of refugees
and other impoverished peoples while capturing the simplicity and grace of
their everyday life.  Her development work dovetails with her photography
as she sheds light on some of the least known issues and challenges of
these conflict zones.

The International Lifeline Fund
is a not for profit international relief
and development organization dedicated to water & sanitation issues,
microenterprise and fuel efficient technologies.  “The International
Lifeline Fund seeks to reduce human misery and environmental destruction
in the lesser developed world through programs and activities that
generate the greatest possible impact at the lowest possible cost.”

Honfleur Gallery is a contemporary art space located in the Historic
Anacostia. Opened in 2007, it maintains a rigorous schedule of exhibitions
and programming that focuses on cutting edge contemporary exhibitions by
living artists from the USA and abroad.

The Gallery at Vivid Solutions
is a photography and digital arts
exhibition space that is dedicated to showcasing and supporting
established contemporary artists as well as aspiring local Washington,
D.C. talents.

ARCH Development Corporation
Both galleries are projects of the ARCH Development Corporation whose
mission is to act as a catalyst for cultural revitalization, primarily in
the historic Anacostia neighborhood by creating a home for arts & artists,
cultural organizations, and compatible businesses as a means to fulfill
its objectives of community-based economic development and sustainable
living neighborhoods.

For further inquiries, please contact Briony Evans Hynson, Creative
Director at 202-536-8994 or

Honfleur Gallery
1227 Good Hope Road SE
Washington DC 20020

The Gallery at Vivid Solutions
2208 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE
Washington DC 20020

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