DC:POETRY: A Season of Giving – A Message from the American Poetry Museum

A Message from the American Poetry Museum
November 16, 2010

Dear Friend:

As we enter this season of thanksgiving and celebration, I am always reminded how grateful I am of your support over the past six years. The work and mission of the American Poetry Museum is rewarding and I know we would not be able to accomplish all we do without supporters like you.

We need caring individuals, like you, to help make the programs we provide, a daily reality for our community supporters–a generous gift from you would accomplish this. We understand that many of our faithful supporters have been financially challenged throughout the year, but in these tough times, our board, staff, and the people we serve appreciate even more the sacrifice of our generous donors. It is these gifts, great and small, that give our program a chance to enhance the community through the gift of American poetry.

Please take time today to send a gift of hope to the American Poetry Museum. I thank you in advance for your support. I invite you to visit the museum and experience for yourself the many programs we provide within our community.

With sincere thanks,

Jon West-Bey

Executive Director



Darrell Perry
Williams & Connolly

Courtney Davis Vice-Chair
DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education
Shelley GethersFannie Mae

Erik Williams
Williams & Connolly

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