MD:BMORE:ART:POETRY Ladies Verse 11: Masters At Work featuring Navasha Daya, Olu Butterfly and more!

LV Flyer
Ladies Verse 11: Masters At Work

presented by P4PB


@Reginald F. Lewis Museum
830 E. Pratt St., Baltimore 21202

We’re BAAACK! How do they shift the earth every year?
With a multicultural, multimedia whole soul event with some of the fiercest lady artists!

Check out the premier Women’s History Month event
6:30p Interactive Art & Cultural Fair, including access to the Reginald F. Lewis’s new exhibit: Material Girls

7:30p Performance Collage with Navasha Daya, Olu Butterfly, Rebecca Dupas, Ama Chandra, Jahipster, Kendra Rochambeau, J Pope, Temple, Luminous, LOVE the poet

Hosted by the 5thL/ Directing Assistance by Rosiland Cauthen

honoring the Masters
11 is a master number and in this year P4PB is honoring Master Mamas who have pioneered in their respective fields, used their art to actively create community and have mentored within the Ladies Verse crew:
jaki-terry| Januwa Moja| Kay Lawal| Kibibi Ajanku| Linda Joy Burke| Maria Broom| Rashida Foreman-Bey| Wapajea (formerly Nataska Humminbird) 

Reaching into African and Native American traditions, exposing the community to forgotten and valuable cultural practices and rare images that are still very relevant today, this event is all about bringing balance so ALL are welcome.

Ladies Verse has received such accolades as “Best Poetry Cum Theater” by the CityPaper, a Maryland State Arts Council Arts In Community Grant.

Tickets on sale now!

Tickets available online at

or Everyone’s Place 1356 W. North Ave.

$15/$12 advance

Limited Seating so don’t wait!

fmi: pforp_bmore


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