DC:ART:HISTORY:CULTURE: Wash Post Features the African American Civil War Memorial & Museum’s Grand Opening Celebration

Grand Opening Celebration!


The African American Civil War Museum is back in the business of telling the stories of slaves’ and freed blacks’ participation in that conflict. The museum, which first opened in 1999 with about 700 square feet, has moved across Vermont Avenue to 5,000 square feet in a former school building. The $5 million move and renovation, funded by the city, will be celebrated with three days of activities, ending with a ribbon-cutting July 18.

The museum now fits into the school gymnasium, which gives it high ceilings and a gleaming wooden stage. Arranged in one room are thematically organized panels with reproductions of illustrations and documents and some original objects that are used to tell stories from the war.

In addition to its exhibits, the museum provides space for other cultural activities.

Read the rest of the Washington Post article!

Register now for the Grand Opening Celebration (Saturday, July 16 – Monday, July 18, 2011)!

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